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sept 28-30 2009, san sebastián, Spain

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Atom by Atom was a success because it had extraordinary speakers, because it was an opportunity to share our projects with them, because the standard of contributions received and the standard of the plenary lectures was extremely high. These are the facts, and we’re more than satisfied with them. But, above all, ATOMBYATOM was a success thanks to the extent of citizen response to our call. Public attendance well overshot our expectations as we saw how the talks and activities were followed with tremendous interest and enthusiasm. That’s why we at nanoGUNE and the DIPC are even more determined to continue concentrating on our undertaking of bringing science to society.

NANO2009. Perspectives in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 15-17 Diciembre 2009


Plenary section

Participation in the plenary section was as follows:

28th: 812 participants
29th: 708 participants
30th: 615 participants

International Workshop ‘NANO2009 – Perspectives in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology’

Participants: 119
Guest speakers: 15
Oral contributions: 15
Poster contributions: 46

Science Kutxaespacio Encounter

Attended by a total of 130 students and 43 teachers from 43 centres throughout the Basque Country. A total of 240 people participated in the event.

Online follow-up

Total number of visits: 1,119

28th: 415
29th: 444
30th: 260

All talks and the Kutxaespacio Encounter can be found on the DIPC TV website:

Encounter with Nobel laureates in Kutxaespacio
NANO2009. Perspectives in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 15-17 Diciembre 2009


The ATOM BY ATOM Conference is an initiative hosted by the Nanoscience Cooperative Research Centre NANOGUNE and the Donostia International Physics Center, DIPC, whose purpose is to establish a fluent and permanent dialogue between science and society, between scientists and citizens, to help boost social and scientific progress in a free and tolerant intellectual environment.

The ATOM BY ATOM Conference has been divided into two complementary sections: one geared towards the international scientific community under the title NANO2009 and a plenary section focused on the general public.

The plenary section will feature a number of lectures addressing an extensive range of topics that are highly relevant for society and in which nanotechnology is expected to have a big impact on electronics, health, new materials, photonics, etc. Plenary lectures will be given in the afternoon and will be open to the general public. In order to simplify organisational matters, please register here free of charge.

NANO2009 will unfold as an international scientific conference and has been rated as a continuation of the ‘Perspectives in nanoscience and nanotechnology – NANO2006’ workshop held in Donostia – San Sebastián in September 2006. It is aimed at the international nanoscience and nanotechnology scientific community and has been divided into six sessions dealing with nanomagnetism, nanooptics, self-assembly, nanobiotechnology, nanodevices as well as theory and simulation in the nanoscale. Admission to NANO2009 is only for researchers and lecturers. Register for NANO2009.




Pedro M Echenique (DIPC)

Jose M Pitarke (nanoGUNE)

Technical Committee

Igor Campillo (Secretary General)

Unai Ugalde

Juan José Iruin